MONDSS, Introducing the World to Underarm Wear

MONDSS Underarm Wear is your solution to underarm perspiration. MONDSS Underarm Wear adheres to your skin, locks in odour, absorbs and prevents perspiration marks from getting onto your clothes.

The Underarm Wear is specifically designed and contoured to adhere to your underarm area comfortably and easily. MONDSS Underarm Wear protects you and of course your clothes: no more perspiration marks and no more damaging marks building up on your favourite clothes over time!

The Shape:
The shape of MONDSS Underarm Wear permits easy-on skin wearing. The shape ensures no pulling of the skin or loosening from the skin. MONDSS Underarm Wear won’t slide and freedom of movement is not affected at all.

The Piece:
MONDSS Underarm Wear pieces allow the air to circulate, are very smooth and very comfortable to wear. The Underarm Wear pieces consist of a highly absorbent soft fleece that allows perspiration to pass quickly through to the inside of the Underarm Wear pieces and remain safely enclosed. In spite of high air circulation and moisture permeability, the Underarm Wear pieces control odour and due to a speedy absorption, optimum security against leaks.

The Adhesive:
The quality of the skin tested adhesive ensures a reliable hold and lets the skin breathe. The adhesive is very durable, lets moisture permeate and is well tolerated on delicate or sensitive skin. MONDSS Underarm Wear pieces can be removed painlessly without residue.

How To Apply



1. Your underarm should be hair-less, clean and dry. Remove the protective backing from the self-adhesive side of the Underarm Wear. Avoid touching the adhesive sides.



2. Lift your arm and place your hand on the back of your neck. First, attach the smaller portion of the Underarm Wear to the upper underarm area.



3. Now turn your arm back a bit and attach the lower portion of the Underarm Wear to your underarm. Make sure that the Underarm Wear is completely attached to the skin and is free of wrinkles.



4. For optimum results, press firmly on the adhesive edge for approximately 10 seconds.