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When I was contacted by Jane from Irish company MONDSS asking me to do a review on a new product she had brought to the market I didn’t know what to expect. Jane is the creator of MONDSS Underarm Wear, a nifty little patch that adheres to your skin, locks in odour, absorbs and prevents perspiration marks from getting onto your clothes. Whether we choose to ignore it or not, there are times when we sweat a little more than usual and could do with some extra protection especially with certain materials and certain situations. It is an embarrassing and persistent problem for some people that hampers the ability to wear things such as coloured tops and silks. It isn’t openly talked about either but at last I feel that this is definitely a worthy solution to this problem 🙂

My underarm wear arrived to me in a discreet envelope – the product is specifically designed to fit through the letterbox so it doesn’t have to signed for and looks like this:

mondss 1 mondss 2

They come in box of 10 – perfect for either 5 days on the trot or for here and there wear when they are necessary 🙂 I wore these at different times over the space of 2 weeks to test them out for things such as nights out, the gym and work.

Application is quick and easy with the patches themselves made of a light breathable material making them comfortable to wear. I was curious to see if I would be self concious about wearing them all day but in all honesty I wasn’t. It slipped my mind I was wearing them until I was hopping into bed 🙂 I wore them to work on a busy Saturday and as I work in retail, I was literally running around the place all day like a headless chicken and they did everything they said on the tin 🙂

I then wore them to a fashion show I was taking part in. I had never done runway modelling before and I was slightly stressed/worried/nervous. I wore my underarm companions as my dresses didn’t belong to me and I wanted to give them back in the same condition I was given them. They worked an absolute treat and as my dresses were capped sleeved, they couldn’t be seen 😉

mondss 3

To sum up, I would definitely recommend these – they are adaptable to every situation and season of the year. They would also suit anyone who may have sensitivity or experience irritation from deodrants/roll ons as it isn’t necessary to wear either when wearing these. Being sent these has opened up more clothing options for me personally and I’m already looking forward to buying more long sleeved satin and silk material going out clothes now that I know that by the end of partying the night away, I won’t have to keep my arms by my side like a penguin!! MONDSS Underarm Wear was recently featured on Xpose and I think that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Jane and her company 🙂

To purchase a pack go to – You won’t regret it 🙂

Emma xXx

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