What does MONDSS Underarm Wear do?
MONDSS Underarm Wear adheres to your skin, locks in odour, absorbs and prevents perspiration marks from getting onto your clothes.
Is MONDSS Underarm Wear for me?
If you’re tired of ruining your white shirts/ blouses/ tops with yellow stains in the underarm area, getting white marks from aerosols on your black tops or simply getting visible perspiration marks on your clothes, then this is most definitely the product for you!
When should I wear MONDSS Underarm Wear?
Whenever you want to protect your clothes from perspiration marks! Such as on a warm day, going on a night out, going for a job interview, giving a presentation, at a wedding…at any time!
Do I need to wear antiperspirant or roll-on deodorants with MONDSS Underarm Wear?
There is no need to, however you can certainly wear deodorants while wearing MONDSS. We recommend that you wait until the deodorant has dried completely before applying MONDSS.
Where is MONDSS Underarm Wear available?
Exclusively at mondss.com
How many pieces of MONDSS Underarm Wear are in a box?
Each box contains 10 disposable pieces of Underarm Wear.
Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide!
How long will it take for my MONDSS Underarm Wear to be delivered?
Estimated delivery time:
Ireland – 1-2 working days
UK – 2 – 3 working days
EU – 2 – 3 working days
USA, Canada and Rest of World – 5 – 7 working days
Does MONDSS Underarm Wear need to be signed for when it’s delivered?
No. The packaging is designed to fit through your mail box.
Is MONDSS Underarm Wear discreet and comfortable to wear?
Yes, if your top covers your underarm area no-one will know you’re wearing them and they are so comfortable to wear!
Can I wear MONDSS Underarm Wear while playing sports or at the gym?
Of course! The Underarm Wear has been designed with two key things in mind; discreetness and freedom of movement. Go for it!
Have you got any hi-res pictures of MONDSS?
Yes! Press and bloggers, feel free to use these!