Mondss – A Girls New Best Friend

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There is always one thing that seems to be a taboo among many, we all have it but dare we mention it or god forbid it creeps through our clothes!!! This taboo I’m talking about is the good old, always there when you don’t want it, Sweat!!! There I said it, yes boys believe it or not girls sweat, and not only is it uncomfortable, not only reserved for the gym and sometimes just plain stinky, it also can play havoc with our outfits.
Every girl, and some men as well, have had the situation where a new and fab outfit has been strategically planned, your off on an amazing date or brunch with the girls, your half way if not nearly at your destination when DUN DUN DUN!!! It strikes! These terrible wet looking patches appear under your arms, restricting you from any hugging, pointing or flinging your arms in joy. You spend the rest of the time strategically concealing these dreaded stains and hoping to god it doesn’t spread anywhere.

Don’t be fooled into thinking these horrible ‘visitors’ are only reserved for the warmer months, oh no! There will be a time in mid December where you have over prepared on a nicely mind day, wearing your triple padded coat with matching scarf and hat only to discover when you take it off that that toasty warm feeling wasn’t fully pleasurable on the December afternoon, but horribly too warm and now you look like a sweaty mess!!
But don’t worry there is now a cure! All of the examples above are what helped the lovely Jane Mc Ternan create an incredible new innovative products. Welcome Mondss* into our lives. What can best be described as a sweat pad, this plaster like object can be easily and discreetly placed onto the underarm by its inbuilt adhesive and save you from any further embarrassment.

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Mondss* not only protect from sweat thanks to the adhesive that sticks and absorbs all sweat immediately from the pores, it also locks in all odours and protect our wonderful clothes from sweat patches and of course the dreaded yellow stains that are left on lighter coloured clothes, or if your like me a fake tan residue sometimes transfers to some clothes, which seriously sucks!!

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Perfect for any occasion these beauties can be bought online exclusively at . Each box contends 10 pads so 5 pairs, for only €9.99 with €1.60 p&p to Ireland and €2.50 for all other countries, and another positives, the Mondss* package is created to pop straight in your letter box so you won’t have to be waiting around for Mr Postman to come with your package.

I know they may not seem like the sexiest accessory but trust me they will seriously come in handy, and you will definitely thank me later for suggesting them!!!

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