Mondss: Your sweaty saviour? | Review


I have to say, of all the products I’ve tried over the years these are definitely up there with the ones I’ve been most skeptical about.  They have received so much media attention since their initial release that when Jane contacted me, I simply could not turn down the opportunity to give them a go. In all honesty, I’m not sure if I would have gone out and bought them of my own accord.

What are Mondss?

In a nutshell, Mondss are adhesive underarm patches designed to lock in odour while absorbing perspiration so you can “wear the clothes you love” without the fear of being left with sweat patches.

Now I wouldn’t say I was excessively sweaty, however in high pressure situations whether it’s a job interview or an event – especially when meeting new people like a lot of you, I perspire more. This combined with my love of fake tan can be disastrous. As if sweat patches alone weren’t bad enough, imagine orange marks under your arms? I’m cringing as I type.

Admittedly they feel a little weird when you first put them on, a bit like having giant plasters under your arms but you soon forget they are there at all. The neutral colour means they are almost invisible so don’t have to worry about them being seen while wearing sheer blouses. They are so thin and contoured to sit comfortably under your arm. They move with you without losing their adhesive grip.


You can apply roll-on deodorant to the absorbent patch if you wish for added protect unfortunately roll-on deodorants irritate my underarms so as you can imagine I was quite apprehensive going without any deodorant while trialing them initially.


I had warned a few of my colleagues I would be wearing them and would inconspicuously do a smell test throughout the day. To my surprise and delight, there was no odour, my underarms felt dry and fresh.

I have to say as skeptical as I was, I’ve been blown away by how well they work. I’ll be in Australia for Christmas where temperatures will hit the high 30’s on the daily so I’ll definitely be stocking up on these bad boys for my trip. I’m really into shirts right now and Mondss will allow me to wear them confidently without having to worry about the dreaded sweat patches.

What I will say is that while these patches work wonders for us ladies at controlling perspiration, I feel that the men of the world are missing out. The patches are a little small for  their underarms and for wedding speeches etc. I am certain Mondss for men would go down a treat.

Mondss are available exclusively here from their website and are priced at €9.99 for 10 pieces (enough for 5 outings).

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