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It’s got our attention…

Underarm Problems? No Sweat!

Okay, so it might not be sexy but it is a real problem for many women. While most may not what to admit it or even talk about underarm perspiration, there is a clever entrepreneur in Kildare who has the answer to our prayers.

Jane McTernan has invented a ‘breakthrough product’ that will allow us girls to wear whatever we want and whenever we want.

MONDSS Underarm Wear adheres to your skin, locks in odour and absorbs and prevents perspiration from getting onto your clothes.

The technical bit: in spite of high air circulation and moisture permeability, Underarm Wear pieces control odour and, due to a speedy absorption, optimum security against leaks.

Translation: No more perspiration marks and no more damaging stains building up on your favourite clothes over time! It is easy to apply and for a box of 10 pads you will just have to pay €9.99.

Log onto mondss.com for details


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