A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get an email from Jane from the Mondss Underarm Wear Company* and she offered me some samples to review, and of course I said yes!


When first researching about the underarm wear, I thought, what a fabulous idea. So simple and easy and makes total sense!


So what is it?

There is always that time when you buy an amazing dress or top, with sleeves and after a couple of washes, you realise your deodorant has stained in the underarm area. Or the top you bought, that is made from a silky material, your sweat has just embedded itself into the pit area and has ruined your lovely, hardly warn garment. Well, that’s where Mondess come in…………


In a nut shell, its a sanitary towel for your arm pits!!

How does it work I hear you call?


From the picture directly above, you see that the middle of the pad is a nude/skin colour. That’s the part that soaks up any sweat. The outer part is the sticky adhesive part, that adheres to your skin.

Shortly after I was sent the underarm wear, I was on a wedding makeup job. We were all talking and the brides sister was then panicking about her outfit. Naturally, I asked what was wrong and she explained that she had a beautiful silk dress, and was worried that she would ruin it by her deodorant marks, or sweat would bleed through onto the material. Obviously, I came to the rescue and ran home to fetch the Mondss Underarm Wear. Such a perfect scenario……
Her thoughts were this

“The underarm wear really worked and lasted all day. They are totally comfortable and stayed in place and nothing bled out onto my clothing. The only thing that I will say is that, when removing it, it did seem a little difficult. It was stuck on very well!”
Whilst Jay and I were reading through the instructions, we did notice that it can be irritant to those who are sensitive to adhesive, which I am. However, I decided to ignore the instruction and go with it. This did result into a slight rash, but it did not hurt and wasn’t painful or itchy. So I do recommend, if your like me or worse to adhesive, then either wear for a few hours, or better still, don’t use them at all. But as a whole, I was really impressed and will buy them again if the occasion arises. I felt fresh and confident all day and all night.”


I went out to a wedding reception this weekend gone, wearing a silky number and thought it was time to put these babies to the test!
I have to admit, it did feel super weird not putting on deodorant, but I had complete faith. They stuck on easily and very securely and not only that, they were discreet, as my top did have longish sleeves on it. (do not wear these if you have no sleeves, they will make you look like you have bandages on your arm pits…..never a good look!)
They did feel slightly unusual to begin with, but after a while, I did soon forget about them.

Now, as you can imagine, there was dancing, drinking, food and speeches at this wedding. So, from time to time the place would become very hot and sweaty and so did I, for that matter! So when the temperature rose, I then checked my armpit area in the toilets to see if everything was sweat free. Not only that, I did put my nose to my pit, to see if there were any bad smalls lingering. And no, everything was completely under control and I felt super comfortable, clean and fresh!

These are an amazing idea for when you want to wear that special something, without getting it ruined by deodorant marks. Or simply wear them if you feel that sweat could still show through on those delicate materials.

They are easy, lightweight and totally hygienic and I would definitely purchase these when I run out.

So go and check the company out guys, they are on Twitter, Facebook and of course their Website is jammed packed full of info!

Have you tried and tested out these new amazing invention?

Big Love


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