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Mondss Underarm Wear is a genius idea by the founder Jane. I don’t know how I lived without these. It is a truly amazing product that works extremely well.

What they do?

They stop perspiration marks from showing through your clothes.


Super easy, it like a plaster. Peel the back off and face the larger end down and the smaller end towards your arm.

How do they feel?

Invisible, I didn’t notice I was wearing them.


They are the best thing ever. I tested these out doing normal day activities, a brisk walk through town where I really was sweating and in the gym. All I can say is these really work. I had no sweat marks on my clothes at all. Mondss Underarm wear didn’t budge either. It stayed in place all day.


The best way I found to remove these was in the shower or use a little baby oil around the edges.

Price €9.99

Available online and they ship worldwide within a week!


One thought on “Laurenaalice reviews MONDSS

  1. Barbara says:

    Totally agree, dont know how I managed without them – they are a lifesaver – funny enough, I am using them far more now in the winter than I did in the summer – it;’s all the central heating and warm rooms!!

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