MONDSS Underarm Wear:

I was kindly sent these awhile ago and after going through a pack I think I can finally give my full opinion on this product.

I am someone who suffers badly with underarm sweat (thank you, damn thyroid) and have always found it extremely embarrassing. When in a stressful situation it gets so bad that I always wished I had remembered to bring a spare top with me!

mondss 1

So in steps MONDSS Underarm Wear an Irish Brand with a super innovative idea. These look like giant plasters when you take them out of the box and are pretty simple to apply the second time round (first time was a little awkward). There is no need for deodorant as these lock in the moisture and odour. I love these for times when I know I’m going into a social gathering, they are perfect for any special occasion, job interview or a long journey in a hot car and these help avoid the embarrassment of the sweat patches on my clothes.

mondss 2

Taking these off is another story altogether, I would advise that you follow the instructions to use an oil (e.g. baby oil) to help remove the patches, which I do before having a shower.

I will continue to buy these as they give me the confidence but I know they might not be for everyone. They do feel a bit strange at first but you get used to it very quickly. They go unnoticed when wearing a top with a sleeve. I think if I was wearing something strapless I wouldn’t wear these for fear of waving at someone and them getting a glimpse at the underarm wear.

If, like me, you suffer from time to time with the embarrassment of underarm sweat and you know you have something important coming up, then have a pack of these on standby at your dressing table as I would recommend them.

Also discovered over on Instagram that they got the name MONDSS from Diamonds (very clever indeed) “Diamonds are a girls best friend and so are MONDSS” (from MONDSS Instagram).

Check out MONDSS

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