New product reviews: Mondss underarm wear


Hello buttercups!!

Ive been super lucky recently and was approached by a fabulous company called Mondss to give some of their new underarm wear a go.

Mondss 1

Its such a nifty product and is perfect for summer and these hot days. Its so comfortable, reduces marks from sweat and gets rid of the nasty smell and stays nicely put on your skin.

Mondss 2

So all you have to do is apply this little ‘plaster’ to your underarm (but it is nothing like a plaster!). Its breathable and totally disposable so you just pop it into the bin at the end of the day.

I loved wearing these as it ment I didn’t have to apply anti-persperant in the morning and I love how disposable they are. They’re so quick and convinient. Ive worn these during the day when i’ve been gardening and running around after my son and on a night out. No one even knew I had it on but it gave me that extra confidence knowing I had something there, just in case.

A box of Mondss is only €9.99 and postage within Ireland is €1.60. If your any where else in the world don’t worry, because it’s only an extra €2.50 shipping to ANY destination outside of Ireland. Each box contains 10 pieces and trust me, you will be hooked!

You can find Mondss Underarm wear on twitter (@MondssUnderarm ) or on facebook at .

So what are ya waiting for?! Go and like their pages and get sorted for summer!!

Lipstick and loves!


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