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Review | Mondss Underarm Wear
Recently a fellow pregnant friend made a comment to me that pregnant women do not ”glow”, we sweat!! I have to admit I did get a bit of a giggle out of it and part of me agreed with her. Coincidentally the lovely Jane, founder and CEO of Mondss Underarm Wear asked me if I would like to try out her product that same week which may be able to help and I jumped at the chance.


So what are Mondss Underarm Wear?
Mondss Underarm Wear are applied to your underarms (obvs) and they absorb perspiration right as it leaves your pores so it never gets a chance to ruin your clothes or develop an odour. They are so comfortable to wear aswell. It’s like having a padded cushion under your arm while at the same time being super discreet! Once what you are wearing covers your underarms nobody will ever know and you will reep all the benefits.


The first time I wore mine was to work one Saturday morning. I work in a crazy busy salon, wearing a pink nylon tunic so my Mondss Underarm Wear were well and truly put to the test. I was really really impressed. They work so well! I felt and smelled fresh all day long. Mondss Underarm Wear are perfect for stressful situations like job interviews, dates, weddings or even just some day you want to comfortably wear something but are terrified of those dreaded perspiration marks. These are your best friend! Mondss Underarm Wear are really easy to remove. You simply peel them off or else remove them in the shower. Mine felt so comfortable I actually missed them when I had them removed.


I was so impressed I wanted other people to try them to so I posted a pair of patches each to my sister and mammy. They to, were delighted with how effective they are. Another huge plus is that they are delivered in a very small box that fits through a letterbox so there is no need to sign for it or go collect it in the post office if you miss your postman. I have a pair of patches permanently in the zip part of my handbag now just so they are close at hand whenever I may feel I need them. Mondss Underarm Wear can be worn with or without a deodorant, it’s totally up to you. Personally I went deodorant free and just applied a perfume to the usual areas. I am so delighted I have found this amazing product. I’m telling everyone about it.

So where can I buy Mondss Underarm Wear?
Mondss Underarm Wear is currently exclusive to www.mondss.com. It is €9.99 for a pack of ten and they ship worldwide so no matter where you are reading this you can try these out.

Let me know what you think if you do try them out and don’t hesitate to contact me at lipstickandlouboutinsblog@gmail.com if you have any questions!
Love Melissa xx




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