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Hey beauties,

This week has been a super exciting one for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was I got to try out this fantastic NEW product to the Irish market. This wonder product is called Mondss. What is Mondss? I hear you all ask. Basically it is a nifty little patch, that is stuck to the skin under your arm (self adhesive) and what this magic patch does is nothing short of a miracle!!!

We have all been in meetings, or interviews, or on dates etc, where we have to be very selective in what we wear on top because we know that the slightest bit of nervousness will lead to perspiration, and this will of course mark our clothes with ugly wet marks… Do not even try to pretend that you don’t perspire because we all do, it’s part and parcel of being a human 🙂

Anyhow, back to Mondss, this super invention is designed to capture moisture and odour that comes from the under arm area. Does it work?? does it what??? I had a very busy day on Wednesday and I applied mine to the underarms after my shower and went about my busy day. Normally I would have to bring antiperspirant in my handbag and give myself a squirt under the arms at least once during the day. Well, by 8pm that night, I realised that I had not gone for the spray once. I was completely dry, stain free and as fresh as a daisy… and I was in shock, I won’t lie.

Whats the catch? well there is none! Mondss can be worn with or without antiperspirant, it is your choice. It is advised to remove the patches with either baby oil or in the shower for the easiest removal, but I just peeled mine off and they were fine.

They arrive through your letterbox in a box no bigger than a headache tablet box, so this means you do not have to sign for a delivery and also they fit into your handbag.

Honestly ladies, these little beauties will be a girls best friend!! Forget diamonds, if you cant wave your arms in the air for fear of yucky wet marks, then it’s not a proper girls night out! or if you have to leave your jacket on in a meeting or presentation for fear of what people may think when they see your wet blouse then fear no more!!! those days are long gone!!

Log onto and order yours now!

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