Mondss Underarm Wear: Say Goodbye to Perspiration! | Review

Perspiration: it’s just something we have to live with on the daily, and we’ve all gone through embarassing moments because of it. I myself have only ever tried deodorant sticks and have never really looked into other options, so I was very intrigued when I heard of Mondss Underarm Wear*, a natural, chemical-free way of dealing with sweat. These self-adhesive, disposable pads are quite revolutionary in that they are meant to lock in odour while absorbing perspiration and preventing stains – something that can definitely come in handy when wearing light clothing, especially white tops! Underarm Wear can be extremely useful for me in the summertime since it can get really hot and humid where I live.


Application is as simple as removing the protective film from the adhesive and applying it directly to the underarm. I was worried that the pads would budge or completely unstick throughout the day, but thankfully this has not been an issue. The fabric is made of cotton, polyester, a mix of papers, and soft fleece, making it super breathable and hygienic. Mondss Underarm Wear is very thin and flexible and it is so discreet that after a few minutes I forget I have it on. I love that I can wear it even with very thin blouses without it being noticeable.

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In terms of sweat absorption, Mondss Underarm Wear left me super impressed. My underarms stay dry when wearing it, and that all day long. I like calling them little dehumidifiers for the armpits haha. Regarding odour control, they work really well for me for shorter periods of time, and I notice that if I wear them for more than 8 hours I do get a bit of odour. Removal can also be a little painful since they really stick to the skin, but it’s nothing unbearable (*ahem* like removing a wax strip can often be).



I think this is a great alternative to deodorants. I love that these strips are all-natural and can help avoid potentially embarrassing sweaty situations. If you are someone who deals with excess sweat these might just work for you!

Mondss Underarm Wear comes in a box containing 10 strips and is sold exclusively online at It costs €9.99 which comes to roughly US$12, and international shipping is available at a fixed, low price.

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