MONDSS Underarm Wear

Hi Girls,

I was recently contacted by Jane, the Founder of MONDSS Underarm Wear. I had not heard of MONDSS before & I was intrigued to find out more about the company & their product. Jane filled me in, MONDSS is an Irish Company & Underarm Wear is a natural, discreet and secure solution to underarm perspiration. A few days later I received a little parcel in the post (in beautiful orange packaging, may I add) & I was excited to try it out!

mondss 1

As girls, we all love buying beautiful clothing, be it to wear on a mad night out with the girls, to work, job interviews, social events, weddings or any big occasion in our lives – the last thing we want is nasty perspiration marks left on our pretty garments… Voilà! I bring you MONDSS Underarm Wear!!

mondss 2

Each box of Underarm Wear contains 10 patches, which look like plasters but they are shaped to fit perfectly under your arm. The box contains instructions, which are very easy to follow.

mondss 3

mondss 4


mondss 5

At first, it feels a little odd but after a while you forget that you are even wearing the patches. The Underarm Wear is designed for discreetness and freedom of movement, you can literally wear them anywhere & the beauty is no one knows that you are wearing them! If you’re sick of ruining your clothes (I especially find if I’m wearing fake tan & a white tee, there’s no going back), if you’re sick of deodorants & aerosols then MONDSS Underarm Wear will be your go to item.

You can buy your box now on for €9.99. P&P to Ireland costs €1.60 & costs €2.50 anywhere outside Ireland! Now we can all wear the clothes we love!

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