MONDSS Underarm Wear

I was recently contacted by a company called MONDSS asking if I’d like to try out their product Underarm Wear. I’d never heard of this company before but was quite interested to see what this Underarm Wear was like.

What is Underarm Wear?
It’s a natural, discreet and secure solution to underarm perspiration. It adheres to your skin, absorbs and prevents perspiration marks from getting on your clothes, locks in odour and is comfortable to wear. The Underarm Wear is a self-adhesive which applies directly to the skin, it’s a breathable and hygienic disposable product.

The product comes in an orange box which contains 10 pieces of Underarm Wear. One box costs €9.99 and postage is €1.60 to Ireland and €2.50 to everywhere else.

Mondss 1

The actual product looks a bit like a giant plaster but is shaped to fit under your arm.

Mondss 2

The first time I applied this I had a bit of difficulty and ended up throwing it away as it lost it’s stickiness so you really need to get it in the right position first time. The box contains instructions so definitely follow them until you’ve got the hang of it. The product felt a bit weird at first but it wasn’t uncomfortable and after a while I just got used to it and kind of forget it was there. It really works though and I’m quite impressed. I actually wore this to a job interview on Saturday and I’m so glad I did as I had major anxiety and was sweating like crazy but the Underarm Wear kept me dry and there were no sweat patches on my clothes. They aren’t too difficult to remove either as you just peel them off like plasters.

It’s not something I’d wear everyday but great for warm days, interviews, special occasions and any time you don’t want perspiration marks on your clothes.

What do you think? Would you wear these?

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