Lilli White Rose reviews MONDSS Underarm Wear

MONDSS Underarm Wear: I was kindly sent these awhile ago and after going through a pack I think I can finally give my full opinion on this product. I am someone who suffers badly with underarm sweat (thank you, damn thyroid) and have always found it extremely embarrassing. When in a stressful situation it gets […]

Sparkle Blossom Beauty review MONDSS

Beautiful Irish Brands: MONDSS Today’s Beautiful Irish Brands is spotlighting Jane McTernan and her brand MONDSS. In MONDSS Jane has created an innovative product designed to fill a gap in the market. Jane has told me that before the creation of MONDSS she had previously tried to wear tissues under her arms to prevent perspiration […]

Give a Posy review of MONDSS Underarm Wear

Mondss: Your sweaty saviour? | Review I have to say, of all the products I’ve tried over the years these are definitely up there with the ones I’ve been most skeptical about.  They have received so much media attention since their initial release that when Jane contacted me, I simply could not turn down the opportunity to give them a go. In […]

Read what thinks of MONDSS

We are thrilled that featured us in their beauty section alongside two other fantastic Irish beauty products, Dream Dots for Spots and Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads   Maybe she’s not born with it: Three secret beauty weapons to keep you flawless First date nerves, breakouts before a big event, or pesky ingrown hairs? Beauty […]

Lipstick and Bubbles reviews MONDSS Underarm Wear

New product reviews: Mondss underarm wear   Hello buttercups!! Ive been super lucky recently and was approached by a fabulous company called Mondss to give some of their new underarm wear a go. Its such a nifty product and is perfect for summer and these hot days. Its so comfortable, reduces marks from sweat and […]

MONDSS review by Raspberry Ribbons

MONDSS Underarm Wear I was recently contacted by a company called MONDSS asking if I’d like to try out their product Underarm Wear. I’d never heard of this company before but was quite interested to see what this Underarm Wear was like. What is Underarm Wear? It’s a natural, discreet and secure solution to underarm […]

Headline Beauty Blog MONDSS review

MONDSS Underarm Wear   Hey lovelies, I was kindly sent an innovative beauty product from MONDSS Underarm Wear which has just been launched on the Irish market. The Underarm Wear is basically a large, uniquely shaped patch which adheres to your underarm to prevent those potentially embarrassing sweat patches. They’re particularly useful for events such […]