MONDSS review by Natalie Loves Beauty

Mondss Underarm Wear: Say Goodbye to Perspiration! | Review Perspiration: it’s just something we have to live with on the daily, and we’ve all gone through embarassing moments because of it. I myself have only ever tried deodorant sticks and have never really looked into other options, so I was very intrigued when I heard […]

MONDSS review by Curlers & Coffee

Hey ladies, brand new review from Rachael at Curlers & Coffee. Looks like she loved MONDSS Underarm Wear. Check out the review right here. Over to Rachael…   Perspiration marks: Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve been wearing a tight top in a very sweaty nightclub, or a long sleeved blouse in a […]

Shemazing’s tips for helping with excessive sweat: MONDSS is key

Shemazing has four great tips for helping with excessive sweat. We are so proud to be included by Shemazing. Check it out right here Over to Shemazing: Sweat is a totally natural bodily process, but we do admit it can be more than a bit annoying. It’s one thing to sweat heavily while you’re out […]

MONDSS reveiwed by Lipstick and Louboutins

We are getting super excited here at MONDSS, another great and detailed review from an amazing blogger. Check out the review here and make sure to check out Melissa and Ellen’s super great blog. Review | Mondss Underarm Wear Recently a fellow pregnant friend made a comment to me that pregnant women do not ”glow”, […]

Brand new MONDSS review from Girl With The Skew Earring: Pit Protection from Mondss Underarm Wear

MONDSS are delighted to show you ladies the brand new blogger review from the wonderful Cindy over at Girl With The Skew Earring, read it here and make sure to check out her great blog. Now lets hand over to Cindy; New: Pit Protection from Mondss Underarm Wear Here’s something I’ve never seen before, its […]