As soon as I was contacted Mondss about their Underarm Wear I was instantly intrigued and knew it was something I wanted to know more about. Mondss was created by Jane McTernan from Ireland who had the amazing idea to create a product to prevent sweat stains on clothes and to help prevent them from being ruined by deodorants. She came up with the idea on a day that it was really warm when she was wearing an orange top that she knew she was going to get sweat stains on. After trying to use tissues but realizing they fell out she knew that something new and better had to be created.


It works by applying it to your underarms and prevent sweat from going onto your clothes and stopping any smell. They come in a small box which easily fits though your letter box so no going to pick up parcels! You get 10 in a box so enough for 5 outings; they also come with instructions that make it really clear how to use them. In the instructions it tells you that they must be applied to hair free clean and dry skin. If you don’t shave or wax your underarms then this product is not for. I believe that hairless skin is recommended because the adhesive may catch on to the hairs making removal painful and if underarms are hairy then the product may not lie against the skin where it’s supposed to be. It is also recommended that you wear them for around 4-6 hours at a time and they are safe to wear every day.




Mondss Underarm Wear look a little like a giant plaster to be honest. I was really looking forward to seeing how and if they worked. I found that they were really easy to apply, and stuck onto the skin perfectly even without any wrinkles. It felt a little odd at first but you soon get used to it and after about 10 minutes you completely forget that you’re wearing them. These are very discrete and I felt that you couldn’t see them under clothing and no one else could either. I would say that I would only wear these with a top that had sleeves as if you were wearing something sleeveless you’d look like you were wearing plasters under your arms which might look a tad odd.

I found that these left me feeling nice and dry and resulted in no sweat marks on my clothes. I also found that there was no smell either which was really nice. There are two ways suggested for removal, pull of gently or use some baby oil to help loosen the adhesive. I gently pulled them off the times that I used them and found that the came off easily, although it had the same feeling of taking of a plaster. Any adhesive that was left on the skin was easily removed with some warm water and some soap.

Overall I loved these! They are really unique and they work which is the most important thing. I think that Mondss Underarm Wear would be perfect for if you’re going to an event or giving a presentation or even just wearing clothes that you don’t want any sweat or deodorant marks on. I will be buying these again in the future and I think for €9.99 they are a great price. Mondss Underarm wear can be purchased on the Mondss website.

One thought on “Shes Looking at the Stars review

  1. P McG says:

    Love those but they are painful to remove. Good to get instructions for removal … soak in bath, solvent like alcohol, oil, acetone?
    I would wear every day if there were an easier way to remove.

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